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Carhartt, Inc., is a U.S.-based apparel company founded in 1889. Carhartt is known for its work clothes, such as jackets, coats, overalls, coveralls, vests, shirts, jeans, dungarees, fire-resistant clothing and hunting clothing. It is still a family-owned company, owned by the descendants of founder Hamilton Carhartt, with its headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan.

On January 2016 a customer wrote a review for Amazon about the Carhartt shirts : The quality of Carhartt shirts has steadily declined to the point they are now on par with Fruit of the Loom. Very lightweight, stretchy cotton, neck is far too tight, and they apparently assign each shirt a size at random. Made in Guatemala. I've purchased my last from this greedy company.


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Dawn says

"I’d give them zero if I could. This was the most painful warranty ever bar none. Even the cheap Chinese companies. I purchased a jacket while on vacation and noticed when I got it home there were teeth missing from the zipper. I emailed the warranty Dept and never got a reply. I tried to call but the phone lines were so backed up I had to give up at 20 mins. Finally a week later I had time so I waited on hold for 30 mins, got an agent and got the exchange set up. I waited a week for the shipping label and mailed the jacket back. I heard nothing for 2 weeks so tried calling daily for 5 days but the lines were down. I gave up and emailed again. Because I’m now at over 5 weeks in to this process I was notified today, 3 weeks after I got a live person that every jacket that is acceptable to me is now out of stock. PLUS they cannot give me a refund because I bought it in a store PLUS they can’t send my old jacket back. So I pick a jacket I would have never bought initially and on top of that despite the jacket being $10 cheaper, I don’t get the difference back. For all my troubles, Carhartt is gonna keep that money. Now they did offer a gift card but after the pain of all this, despite loving the gear I don’t see myself buying any more stuff. Too expensive to have no support for defective gear"

Jman says

"If I could rate 0 stars I would. I recently placed an order and upon receiving my package, the bottom of the box wasn’t taped whatsoever and items were missing from my order. I contacted customer service 3 times and spent 2 hours with Matthew giving information for him to not even filed my claim. If I never got back in contact with customer service I would’ve been left hanging on my order with missing items. The second rep told me his team said “they can start working on my refund” the next day (today) I contact customer service again to make sure my order gets taken care of and I end up with Mathew again claiming he can’t work on the refund for me even tho the last rep stated he would start working on it. And the claim I tried submitting 3 days again want even submitted STILL. Carhartt has god awful customer service and will be letting friends and family know to avoid this joke of a company."

Dennis Leupen says

"Literally the worst customer service I have ever heard of. My package was a month late so I called to ask where it was a they REFUNDED THE PACKAGE AND SENT THE F******* GIFT I GOT BACK TO SENDER (IE CARHARTT) they have peanut brains and will never order from them again. They just don't understand how to do anything and all should be fired."

Aran Farazi says

"Ordered a flannel about 2 weeks ago. Still hasn’t arrived. Previous orders were fine but idk"

Duane says

"I have a mother in law who thinks im a lumber jack. One the size of paul bunnyann anyways she was cool tho and bought me some nice but really big shirts. Of course she was not going to give me the receipt cause she is old school and finds it offensive or something like that if people know what was spent on them. So i tryed to just exchange these shirts and was met with a stark hell no , asked me if i stole them while i walked in im like really you dumb rude boy. I just about flicked him in the mouth with the pinky finger of which i still have aling with thr other 9 fingers. I read somewhere carhart will chop off fingers if u steal."

WA says

"the customer service is the worst I've ever experienced. I ordered a coat (2-6 day delivery) after 7 days I was refunded with no explanation. I emailed twice without response, then I threatened contacting the retail ombudsman, suddenly another payment was taken from my bank account and I get an order notification email. I complained and they offered me 10% off my next purchase - I said "thats an insult, I don't want to order anything else, and you just want more profit from me" and they said "we've solved the issue". They then claimed the original payment and refund was a payment authorisation - I called bullsh*t as it was for the full amount (~£130). If you get in contact with Sean Crisp, ask to speak to someone else"

Tina Glunt says

"Purchased a pair of pants 10 days later they were on sale the store manager refused to price adjust and when I called the customer service line they said they leave this up to the stores discretion. I’ve been a retail store manager my entire adult life and I’ve never heard of something so ridiculous."

Megan Clark says

"Waiting for a package for 2 plus weeks and called customer service 2 times and they blame it on postal but the package doesn’t move it was shipped on the 11 and said it would be guennteed by the 21 but still not here will never buy here again"

C. says

"This is the worst f**king service I have ever experienced. I placed an order in November 30th, with the expectation that the items would be delivered by mid December and with plenty of time before Christmas. The order had shown shipped on the 5th of December, since then I haven’t heard a damn thing from carhartt nor the carrier. I finally decided to call carhartt today just to find out that the package has been deemed “lost”. Not a SINGLE time was I contacted about the possibility of a lost package until I (the customer) had to reach out to the company. On top of that, carhartt will not replace, reship or expedite the order but instead they offered their “apologies” & a refund. This company is a f**king joke. Absolutely GARBAGE service. I will NEVER order from them again. If it were possible, I’d give -5 stars."

CChapman says

"Their service is absolutely awful. I understand this year is tougher than others but if you can’t get a product shipped in time, don’t promise your customers at the top of your website that “if you order now it will be in by Christmas.” I ordered 1 hat on December 8th. One freaking hat! It didn’t ship until December 19th and I haven’t heard anything about it since. As of today (December 29th), I still have not received it with no idea when or even if it’s going to arrive. Thankfully I just ran down to the local Sporting Goods store before Christmas and picked out one of their hats there. I will never order one of their products online again."

Heather Stern says

"I would like to begin by saying 1 star is too much. I wish I could give 0 stars. I understand that this year is like no other for retailers and with that in mind, ordered items from Carhartt (which I love) on December 2. PLENTY of time for the items to reach me by Christmas. The items were not shipped out by them until December 17 and as I write this I still do not have my items and I have received no updates from them since December 22. I tried to call several times...I was in the que then after 5-7 minutes an automated message said they are having technical difficulties and was disconnected. So, no way to speak to anyone to find out where my packages are, the tracking system has no update since December 22 so off to chat...the chat agent said their tracking system isn't updating that is why I received no updates. Still really could not tell me where my package is. What a shame that they just lost a customer due to their poor operations and lack customer communication/transparency. Bad news does not get better with time. they should have informed their customer base and apologized. Sometimes that is all it takes. VERY disappointed. Carhartt, you need to invest in a customer experience director, you need help, Lots of help"

Dave Myers says

"Placed an order on 12/6/2020. Was told by customer service on 12/16/2020 that I was GUARENTEED delivery before Christmas. On 12/21/2020, I received email that item would arrive by 12/22/2020, today is 12/23/2020 still no delivery. Again spoke with Carhartt - the customer service rep said "oh no." Then fessed up order would not arrive in time for Christmas. Had I known the TRUTH, I could have done something else for my son-in-law. I am furious to find out now that I won't have the order. Carhartt is EXPENSIVE, there is no reason for such shotty shipping!! I don't care if it is the post office's fault. 95% of our gifts were purchased online with no problem receiving orders - this is not an excuse, this is negiligence on Carhartt's part!! Never again!!!"

Tania Kosiewicz says

"Ordered item on 12/6. Left Carhartt warehouse on 12/19. Carhartt held it for 2 weeks. 2 weeks it sat in the warehouse with a postal sticker to leave. Called useless customer service which said it’s due to postal delays. I told them it didn’t leave the warehouse until 12/19. That’s not a postal delay. That is a delay of a company not sending out my order in a timely manner. Customer service said there was nothing that they could do. Don’t bother with customer service. Terrible."

Timothy Dean says

"I see all of the complaints about Carhartt so I had to post! I placed an order on November 21st and it was supposingly shipped on 23rd and I still dont have it. I have talked to 7 different people amd got 7 different answers! I finally requested a refund. So it took them 2 different times to process the refund and I just got it yesterday!! GET THIS?? Today I get a text message that my package has arrived in the Louisville sorting facility. USPS. So CH sends all of there packages through there and so if you have placed an order recently they are about 1 month behind on shipping! The reason I know all of this is I spent alot of time on the phone looking for my package amd my neighbor is a USPS employee and he did some investigating for me. To this day I still dont have my stuff andnits still in Louisville for over a month now!! CARHARTT CS IS HORRIBLE!!!"

Megan says

"I placed an order 12/1 for a Christmas present for my husband. On 12/8 I emailed them asking when my order would ship. On 12/9 I received notice that the item had “shipped.” By ship I mean a shipping label had been created. It didn’t actually leave the warehouse until 12/19. I don’t appreciate being lied to. Why did it sit In the warehouse for 10 days? As of 12/22 I still don’t have my item. Customer service has not been helpful and to be honest I don’t trust them. At this point I doubt I’ll be getting my Christmas present in time which is utterly ridiculous considering I ordered 12/1. I understand that with COVID thing are taking longer but this is inexcusable. Also I would stop using USPS as my shipping provider as they are terrible."

None says

"Horrible. I placed an order Dec 8 and was shipped Dec 10 but the carrier has not even received my items. This was suppose to be a Christmas present for my husband and I ordered plenty of time for Christmas. I have emailed customer service with no response. I wish I would have read the reviews before but Carhartt has always been reliable before. Very disappointed."

Dan Thomsett says

"Non existent customer service, who seem to try their hardest to avoid all contact with customers! They also use UPS, the most useless shipping company on Earth, which means I'm still awaiting my order weeks after it was placed. Don't order from them online unless you want to waste hours of your time on phone calls to customer service departments. Absolute shambles. UPDATE: I replied to the person from Carhartt who asked me to contact them, & they've been no help whatsoever! They've lost a regular customer of 20 years. DO NOT BUY ONLINE FROM CARHARTT. THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS NON EXISTENT!"

ED says

"DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM ONLINE!! This is the worst service I have experienced in years, and it is just shocking from such a normally reputable company. I placed an order December 8th for a Christmas gift. Over a week later I got a notice saying that my order was cancelled (only 2 or 3 days before it was supposed to actually arrive at my house). I tried to contact them to find out what happened since the item was obviously in stock when I ordered it. Why did it take so long to cancel if they didn't have the inventory?! And why aren't they responding to customers!? It has been over a week now and Carhartt has still not gotten back to me. I've never been ghosted by a company before, but first time for everything I guess. Don't even bother ordering from them- they'll just tie up your money for two weeks and leave you with no response."

Cassie Kimbrough says

"Website could use some updates but quality products"